I believe that the only way you can know which way to go is to look as forward as you can.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

First words...

Hi everyone.
This blogger has as main topic looking as forward as our mind can.
I think is essential to do this. And natural. If you are not currious about what it shell be tomorrow then what would it be your purpose?

Gina Miller writes "Guardian Unlimited Observer has a commentary, We should look forward to the future (30 June 2002) by Charles Leadbeater. The author discusses the fears of future technologies, how it is provoked by certain publications, and how with previous advances there was also fear of those things that now seem mundane. In summary he says: "Science may bring new genetic risks but also new energy sources, cures for disease, ways of growing food, opportunities for communication, cultural expression and democratic debate. The future will be messy and complex, disappointing and surprising, but we should not fear it so much that we seek, Canute-like, to keep it forever at bay."