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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Terri Schiavo: deschidratation death decided by her husband against her parent's will

If you want some resume about the case there is a nice one here What You Need to Know about Terri Schiavo
What is my problem? I think this entire story in simply disgusting. I cannot believe that this really really happened: U.S. Supreme Court rejects latest plea by Terri Schindler (Schiavo)'s parents

Since when and why a husband has priority in front of the parents? Two actors: the unfaithful husband and the parents. If they could agree upon the death then ok… perhaps this decision could be somehow stated by a court. But this it is not the case! The parents waned to take care of her with their own resources and leave the trust fund awarded for Terri’s care to the husband.

The Terri’s mother, Mary Schindler: “Yes, I've received hundreds of letters from people who have, yes - recovered! And some of them, in their letters, were worse than Terri.” In a few words, the parents had resources, there were specialist saying that they can try to cure Terri, but the husband’s “ethical” will is more powerful that anything else on this world! More powerfull than the proof that: Terri Schindler (Schiavo) is Cognitively Able

I hate what THEY dare to call “justice”.


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