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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Mars HOAX Aug 2005

I was so happy... when I heard on the local radio from Bucharest this "news":
"Earth is catching up with Mars [for] the closest approach between the two planets in recorded history."
"On August 27th … Mars will look as large as the full moon."

As large as the full moon? Is this possible? Oh, but they said on the radio. I was very excited and talked about it with everyone arround. Everyone knew about it. Greate event! So... let’s go the observatory from Bucharest, to see more. I enterd on the observatory web page, To see all the details like the visit hours, what is to see and everything...
I looked very curios on the calendar , then on the map. And... surprise surprise... there was not written there anyhing like „closest approach between the two planets in recorded history”: X-(
Ok, maybe they have a problem... But guess what... the problem, was mine:
Mars hoax sais NASA and space.com. :((
Hey... „Mars closest to Earth” was indeed but on 27 aug 2003.

Yes, I remember very clear the bright orange-pinky star on the sky in 2003. Oh...
On the beginning of November, Mars will get close to Earth once more. Not as close as 2 years ago: „As noted previously the Martian disk will appear only about 1/90 the apparent size of the Full Moon when near the 2005 November opposition. (Mars appeared about 1/75 as large as the lunar disk at the 2003 August opposition.” (http://www.floridastars.org/marsdisk.html)
Let’s see the size difference for this year as it looks on floridastars.org:

What can I say... verry funny! Let’s take „news” from any Internet source and publish them on the local radio. Isn’t it cool?
It is such a sad situation to end up loosing my trust in mass-media not only when is about politics.