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Thursday, May 04, 2006

“Stick it”, the movie, and what is the feminine artistic gymnastic in reality

A good movie for the feminine artistic gymnastics and teenagers ! It has nice humor, the heroine performs remarkable, and all the characters are so nice! The main thing about the movie is bringing some focus on the problem that gymnastics has nowadays.

It is pretty true the fact that artistic gymnastics is loosing its popularity among teens. What is performance gymnastics? A sport for kids and teenagers that dedicate their time to work hard! For what?
Ludicrous movements, the jury being conservative on evaluating new figures, or the jury giving marks that the public disagrees. The evaluation of the gymnasts is somehow influenced by the previous performance of the gymnast. The popularity of the coach or the popularity of the gymnastic school is also a disturbing factor.

I liked that the movie explicitly pointed out all these problems.

Will gymnastics survive? “Stick it” suggests that this sport is somehow asynchronous with the teen’s aspirations. I am a big fan of feminine artistic gymnastics and very proud of the medals that my country had won along the time but I think this sports needs to change and evolve somehow.

The 2006 European championships from Volos, Greace brought a surprise on the team’s podium. Italy won the gold at the teams competition for the fist time. This sounds like a good challenge for the traditional winners.